Web-Based Mahallah Pre-Registration for Session 2018/2019 (Semester 2)

Today : 21 October 2019 (Monday)
Please read before login :
Current Prereg Exercise is only for those whose staying in mahallah in current semester Session 2018/2019, Semester 1. Other students, including those who never registered at mahallah are advised to consult your respective mahallah or RSD.

The pre-registration exercise is not applicable to postgraduate (PG) students.

* You are highly advisable to use web browser Mozilla Firefox 8.0 and above or Google Chrome as they will support this application.

Student who fail to pre-register, please consult your respective mahallah during mahallah registration day. Incase of lost/wrong password, please consult your kuliyyah or AMAD for any registration or non-technical issues.
Please click.. here to view pre-registration mahallah schedule.

Important Message
For those who pre-registration before 17th December 2018 will be considered INVALID. Thank you for your understanding.

Matric No
Dear All Students, Our prereg mahallah is accessible through handphone. Before you start your prereg mahallah you are advisable to ensure your browser history and cache is cleared. Otherwise you might be experiencing some difficulties during prereg.

Disclaimer :
Prereg Mahallah System is owned by RSD. Any issues please contact RSD for further action
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